RB-10075 A1 UV Flatbed Printer

RB-10075 A1+ size large format UV flatbed printer with max printing size 100*75cm and three piececs Epson print heads can print on rotary and flat material by one printer. White+Color+Vanish all be printed.



RB-4030T A3 T-shirt Printer Machine

This RB-4030 A3 (40*30cm) and A2 ( 40*60cm) T-shirt printer have been updated for 6 generations and uses newest technology. This t-shirt printing machine can install with one piece Epson or two pieces Epson heads to achieve best printing speed and vivid effect.



RB-4060 Pro A2 UV Flatbed Printer

RB-4060 Pro UV flatbed printer has max printing size 40*60cm and can print on rotary and flat material both. The uv printer has two pieces Epson head which can print with color+white+vanish effect. The strong frame and smart design is the highlight of this A2 UV machine.



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Established in 2005, Shanghai Rainbow Industrial Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of T-shirt printing machine, UV Flatbed printer, coffee printer, focusing on product R&D, production, sales and service. Located in Songjiang district Shanghai with convenient transportation, Rainbow dedicates to strict quality control, technology innovation and thoughtful customer service. It successively obtained CE, SGS, LVD EMC and other international certifications. The products are popular in all cities in China and exported to 200 other countries in Europe, North America, the Middle East, Oceania, South America,etc. OEM and ODM orders are also welcomed.











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